PUBLIC NOTICE BROCKTON, MA – The Brockton Redevelopment Authority, will conduct a public meeting.

At the meeting, the Brockton Redevelopment Authority staff and attendees will discuss the draft plans, suggestions, comments, and questions from Brockton groups such as residents, public agencies, community organizations, and other interested parties. Comments and suggestions from this meeting will be considered for the 2022-2023 Annual Action Plan for The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).
The 2022-2023 Action Plan describes the activities for the program year and the amount of Community Development Block Grant funds to be spent on each activity. In addition, the Action Plan summarizes the priorities and specific objectives that will be addressed in the program year and relates them to the priority needs listed in the 5-year Consolidated Plan.
A 30-day public comment period is in effect from Friday, August 11th, 2022, through Monday, September 11th, 2022. An executive summary draft of the 2022-2023 Annual Action Plan is available on the BRA website below, at City Hall, as well as the offices of Brockton Housing Authority and Brockton Community Access. If you would like a copy mailed/emailed to you, please fill out the form below or call the BRA office to put in a request. All comments should be submitted in writing by September 11th, 2022, at 4:00PM, to the Brockton Redevelopment Authority.

Review the Action Plan Here

Public Meeting

We encourage all members of the community to participate. You may do so by submitting any comment, question, concern or feedback to the Brockton Redevelopment Authority in writing or by joining us during the public meeting on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, via Zoom. Please share this information with as many people as you can. You can forward this meeting invite, share the link to our website and share our posts on social media (FB/IG, Twitter, LinkedIn).

CONTACT INFORMATION: Charaliz Isaac, CDBG Grants Manager, at 508-586-3887 ext. 7 or by email: with any questions about the CDBG program.

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