The Receivership program is one of the many strategies that the City of Brockton have continued to implement as an approach to dealing with distressed and abandoned properties. Distressed and vacant properties are recommended to the Mayor’s Housing & Neighborhood Stabilization Advisory Group by any citizen, for profit and/or non-profit organization.

Properties that are good candidates (vacant/abandoned, structurally sound but in violation of state sanitary code) for Receivership are selected to have the Board of Health to inspect for violations of the State Sanitary Code.  Upon inspection and finding of violations, the City of Brockton’s Solicitor office notifies the owner and /or mortgagee requesting they complete the required repairs to bring the property into compliance.  In the absence of an adequate and timely response by the owner/mortgagee, the City Solicitor’s office files a complaint in the Housing court and petition to appoint the Brockton Redevelopment Authority (BRA) as the receiver that will be responsible for rehabilitating and stabilizing the property.

By the General Laws Chapter 111, the receiver has a superior lien to the bank’s mortgage.  Upon completion of the rehabilitation, receiver presents bill for repairs to the bank.  If bank refuses to pay the receiver may foreclose on the lien and auction the property to be sold.

The following property is currently under the receivership of the BRA: 48-50 North Leyden Street.


The following properties were recently under the receivership of the BRA: 1467 Main Street, 214 Dover Street, 157-159 Winthrop Street.

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For additional information, please contact the BRA at (508) 586-3887 x1 and/or x4.

Brockton Receivership Training PowerPoint – November, 2012