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The City of Brockton, acting by and through the Brockton Redevelopment Authority, in
accordance with the powers granted by Chapter 121B of the Massachusetts General Laws, as amended, and in recognition of the need to remove certain decadent conditions in the downtown section of the city, has caused this Urban Renewal Plan (URP) to be created for the 65.8 acre Urban Revitalization District, bounded to the west by Warren Avenue, to the north by Pleasant Street, to the east by Commercial Street and the railroad tracks,and to the south by West Elm Street and Crescent Street, as shown on the District Map, (Map 1-A).
The Brockton Downtown Urban Revitalization Plan proposes to build a strong, diverse, attractive downtown that can establish itself as a major economic force in the city and the metro south region. Redevelopment proposed pursuant to this URP will remove the decadent conditions that exist and revitalize and stabilize the Urban Revitalization Area through a combination of strategic public action and incentives for private enterprise.
This Urban Revitalization Plan serves in part as an implementation mechanism for the strategies identified in the recently completed Brockton Downtown Action Strategy (“Action Strategy”), which identifies ways in which Brockton can attract new businesses and residents
that contribute to the financial viability of the City, increase the vibrancy of downtown, and attract a broader socio-economic mix of residents and businesses.

Core Action Strategies

  • Increase residential density downtown to support economic revitalization.
  • Re-establish the feel of a vibrant downtown by increasing amenities.
  • Continue to improve public safety and to boost the perception of safety.
  • Continue efforts to create a Downtown Brockton Higher Educational Collaborative that will provide a seamless and supportive environment for high school completion, workforce-skills training, and degree programs.
  • Encourage entertainment venues and cultural organizations to locate downtown.
  • Promote diversity of community by helping ethnic restaurants, boutiques, and food stores to locate downtown.
  • Actively target new small-business entrepreneurs such as co-working spaces, breweries and small-batch distilleries, maker spaces, and pop-up retail locations that create opportunities for entrepreneurs.
  • Improve transportation connectivity, both within downtown and between downtown and the rest of Brockton.
  • Upgrade downtown’s infrastructure including sewer, water, drainage, electrical and high-speed fiber.
  • Launch a new marketing campaign for downtown.

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