In the past year the BRA has been focused on projects in the downtown area of the city; however, in 2012 the BRA has begun to also focus on the Campello business district.

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East Nilsson Street

The sidewalks on both sides of East Nilsson Street were reconstructed with new handicap ramps, the curb was reset and the street has been ground down and resurfaced.

Main Street

Along Main Street at the intersections of South Street and Perkins Avenue, some sidewalks have been reconstructed with new handicap ramps and the curbing has be reset.

Plain Street

Just past Keith Park on Plain Street a new sidewalk has been constructed along one side of the street, where previously there was no separation between the street and sidewalk.

George E. Keith Park

The BRA is currently working with an engineering and design firm to create a plan for the rehabilitation of Keith Park. The plan will include the rehabilitation of the park with a few modest improvements. The plan will include improvements of the lighting, benches, paths and landscaping.  Once funding has been secured the implementation of the plan will begin.

South Street Historic District

The BRA is in the preliminary stages of creating a streetscape plan for the City’s one historic district located on South Street. The planning for this project is in the preliminary stages and the funding necessary to complete the project is forthcoming.