The Brockton Housing Law Project

CDBG funds are used to support the South Coastal Counties Legal Services (SCCLS) subsidiary, the Justice Center of Southeast Massachusetts (Justice Center), through funding the Justice Center’s Brockton Housing Law Project (HLP).

The HLP will provide free legal representation and negotiation services for low income residents of Brockton and offer bi-annual “Tenants’ Rights to Decent Living Conditions” workshops to low-income Brockton residents.

The HLP’s expanded work on unhealthy living conditions will assist at least 100 of Brockton’s very-low and extremely low-income residents to improve their housing conditions. These improvements will be achieved by providing free, full-representation in legal proceedings before Brockton’s Housing Court or through negotiating settlements for tenants in private housing. This legal representation will empower vulnerable Brockton residents to improve and stabilize their housing conditions. Addition Brockton residents will benefit from free “Know your housing rights” workshops.

These combined effort will:

  • Enforce tenants’ rights to decent living conditions under the State Sanitary Code and warranty of habitability,
  • Resist illegal evictions and the denial of due process,
  • Restrain breaches of quiet enjoyment,
  • Protect personal property in eviction cases, and
  • Seek damages for loss of personal property