The Brockton police Department’s CDBG funded Community Response Unit (CRU), consisting of two dual-officer cruiser teams and one supervisor working from 4:00PM to 12:00AM shift, will directly serve Brockton businesses and residents within those areas in the 5104, 5108, 5109, 5114, 5115, 5115 census tracts determined by data to have the most instances of firearms violence.

The CRU will prioritize the vicinity of MainSpring House in order to facilitate outreach to some of the residents in Brockton most in need but hardest to serve. Special focus will also be placed on the “Urban Revitalization Project” area in census tract 5114 and the south side of downtown from Pleasant Street to Belmont Avenue (census tract 5108) as a result of the neighborhood’s importance to Brockton’s economic renaissance.

In addition to answering calls for service, the CRU will initiate proactive patrols to those sites shown by data and officer experience to need additional attention. Through our targeted community policing approach, the CRU will deter, detect, and resolve quality of life crimes and issues that plague the designated areas. The continuity of presence will allow for the development of rapport between residents and police, enhancing the ability of the Brockton Police Department to suppress and prevent future quality of life crimes and issues.