Helpline, in collaboration and partnership with community partners, acts as a community resource for individuals and families, particularly at times of financial instability. The goal of Helpline is to provide information, referral and advocacy to residents within Plymouth County. After exploring possible solutions and options, their helpful and caring staff may refer one to a provider or an agency that best fits his/her needs. The staff includes resource specialists and community volunteers. Referrals include Food, Clothing, Fuel Assistance, Housing/Shelter, Rental assistance, Utility Assistance, Pantries and Vouchers, Other social service agencies, Toy Drive, and Emergency Services.

Helpline provides emergency support and advocacy to prevent homelessness and helping people in need of basic human services, utilizing face-to-face and telephone support.  One full-time and one part-time staff members, and a part-time senior aid to assist more than 1,200 individuals annually. Helpline provides emergency resources, connections and funding to low-income residents of the City of Program through various social service agencies and networks. The objective is to support the emergency needs of families and individuals so they do not become homeless, working with those who have received eviction notices or who are in need of stable housing.

Helpline will assist at least twenty-five Brockton Households in maintaining or obtaining housing to prevent their slide into homelessness. The project will directly benefit 70% of those who are low or moderate income individuals. Individuals receiving Helpline services generally receive one or more of the following: EAEDC, TAFDC, SSI, SNAP, LIHEAP, etc.



Dorn Davies Senior Center

Many seniors are capable of living independently but are often isolated living alone in the community. The Dorn Davies Senior Center (DDSC) supports seniors living on their own while spending daytime hours with others.  From health and educational programming to supportive services, the Senior Center is a vibrant, lively center for those in need of companionship, resources and time to cultivate friendships with other elderly individuals.  The program also aims to provide relief to families caring for elders in their homes and to alleviate caregivers’ stress by providing daytime supervision.

The primary goal of the services/activities provided at DDSC is to ensure that Brockton seniors are able to sustain their housing and able to remain in their community with limited resources. Services, outreach and programming is geared toward providing basic needs such as food, health care and social supports to maintain a reasonable quality of life and able to maximize their budgets to remain stably housed even when rental fees continue to outpace their limited resources.