48 Warren Ave is complete and the residents moved in June 1, 2020!

Since February 2017, Father Bill’s & MainSpring (FBMS) has been working with the Brockton Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and the Mayor’s office on a plan to acquire and develop 48 Warren Avenue in Brockton to create supportive rental housing for 6 chronically homeless extremely low income individuals, particularly those high priority individuals who are most difficult to serve. This long abandoned single family house will be converted into 2 three-bedroom units to be leased to 3 individuals each. The property will be renovated inside and outside and will enhance the neighborhood. FBMS will serve as the owner, developer, property manager and service provider.

The City of Brockton acquired the abandoned property at 48 Warren Ave in October 2018 through the Courts, having previously taken possession of the property through receivership. The BRA replaced the roof and demolished the building interior down to the framing studs. FBMS and the BRA executed an Option to Purchase in April 2019. The Zoning Variance application was filed in May with a zoning hearing scheduled for June 11, 2019. Construction bidding will be conducted in June with bids due after the zoning hearing.

FBMS requested $525,000 of HOME funds from the City of Brockton. FBMS already has a $155,000 commitment from South Shore Bank and will cover up to $75,000 gap with private grants and donations.

Residents of 48 Warren Avenue will learn employment and independent living skills required to transition out of homelessness while living in permanent housing. The property will share case management and after hours staffing with an adjacent Green Street property already owned and operated by FBMS. In keeping with recent trends in homeless services, FBMS will focus on teaching formerly homeless individuals to be “good tenants” as opposed to “good clients”. Tenants of 48 Warren Avenue will have access to full array of health, mental health, substance abuse, case management, life skills and vocational services. Many of these services are already available within the wide array of educational and support services offered by FBMS coupled with a network of community based service providers.