Montello Welcome Home II

The proposed Montello Welcome Home II project, located at 682 N Main Street in Brockton, was developed by Father Bill’s & MainSpring (FBMS) and owned by Montello Welcome Home Again, a new non-profit affiliate. Montello Welcome Home II offers 23 supportive housing units with educational services. The new building contains 23 studio apartments prioritized for homeless individuals at or below 30% of median income. The building and program design is similar to FBMS’s recently completed 20-unit Montello Welcome Home building at 695 N Main Street with high energy efficiency, quality housing units and attractive landscaping and fencing.

FBMS requested $50,000 of HOME funds from the City of Brockton. FBMS had commitments of development funding from Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston and Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development as well as several private grants. Anticipated Federal funding for the project will include HOME, HTF and 8 Section 8 project based subsidies. The supportive housing units will be prioritized for 12 homeless U.S. Veterans and 11 other homeless individuals, all of whom will be at or below 30% of median income. Marketing and tenant selection was conducted in compliance with Federal and State Fair Housing laws.

At Montello Welcome Home II, residents will learn employment and independent living skills required to transition out of homelessness while living in permanent housing. Montello Welcome Home II will share staffing and classroom space with Montello Welcome Home and will provide additional on-site office space for property management and educational services. In keeping with recent trends in homeless services, Montello Welcome Home II will focus on teaching formerly homeless Veterans to be “good tenants” as opposed to “good clients.” Tenants of Montello Welcome Home II will have access to a full array of health, mental health, substance abuse, case management, life skills and vocational services. Many of these services are already available within the wide array of educational and support services offered by FBMS coupled with a network of community based service providers.

New Construction – 130 Laureston Street

The Brockton Redevelopment Authority (BRA) proposed to build a single family home for re-sale to a first time Home Buyer. Project entailed the construction of a two-story colonial house containing 3-bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms with roughly 1,300 sq. ft. The existing site was an undeveloped parcel of land where a former deteriorated structure was demolished in 2014. The project was intended to be equipped with Energy Star appliances, with a Energy Star heating systems, minimally 90% efficient; on the exterior, non Wood siding were used on the body and trim of the house; and, Composite decking was also used for ease of maintenance. The new construction was funded through a mix of HOME funds in the amount of $265,881 and private mortgage finance in the amount of $185,000.

Chatham West Rehabilitation

Chatham West I is a 300-unit family historically affordable rental development on 20.4 acres in Northwest region of Brockton, Massachusetts. It was built in 1974 and is comprised of 9 walk-up buildings that contain 176 one-bedroom units and 62 duplex townhouse buildings that contain 124 two-bedroom units. A community building, located at the center of the property, contains the management offices for the development, a community room and a swimming pool. The refinancing will extend the affordability at the property, and include funding of a capital improvement reserve. This property is in need of some substantial capital improvements as a number of systems and building components are approaching the end of its useful life.

A total of $400,000 of HOME funds was requested from the Brockton Redevelopment Authority. These funds will serve as a necessary vehicle in the project financing, which also includes a MassHousing Opportunity Fund Loan, MassHousing Workforce Housing Fund loan, and Fannie Mae mortgage. The overall transaction preserves long term affordability of 60 units beyond the expiration of the RAD contract, and adds moderate income restrictions to the 28 units not currently on the RAD contract. The transaction will also fund a $5.7 million reserve for capital improvements on the property; the HOME funds will specifically be used for boiler replacements as part of this work. Chatham West I is currently zoned as residential, and is an existing multifamily residential project currently owned by the applicant and will be rehabbed. There are no zoning changes, environmental or regulatory approvals required to implement the proposed development project.


932 Main Street

The Brockton Housing Authority through Southeastern Massachusetts Affordable Housing Corporation (SMAHC) is the only Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) the Brockton Redevelopment Authority (BRA) is under contract with. SMAHC conducted a purchase and rehabilitation project of a mixed used property located at 932 Main Street in Brockton. This property was constructed in 1900 as a single-family home with two floors. The proposed construction improvement program/rehab proposed a creation of a two-family dwelling with one-three bedroom unit, one two-bedroom unit and one bedroom ADA approved unit. The proposed renovations are to utilize state of the art construction materials and leading energy efficient utilities. Due to lack of affordable housing, this project will benefit low/mod income persons/families in the City of Brockton. The BRA allocated $361,321 of CHDO Reserve HOME funding from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

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