The mission of Self Help, Inc. (SHI) is to reduce poverty, increase self-sufficiency and improve the community by providing resources for people to create healthier, better lives and achieve their full potential. SHI envision their service area to be a place where all people become self-sufficient and have equal opportunity to reach their full social, civic, and economic potential.

SHI intends to create a case management program called Hand-In-Hand. this program will provide case management services to 100-150 seniors in the City of Brockton, with priority given to those who are home-bound and experiencing social isolation. This program will also provide case management services to 40-50 homeless families and their households (est. 87 add. family members). These services will be available to eligible at the clients’ home and/or in a community space that is easily accessible, and/or at SHI offices, on the phone, or email. There will initially be 1 full-time staff person, and as the program moves forward, a volunteer will be solicited to assist with case management and coordination of services. Establishing a volunteer base would allow the program to sustain and grow to reach more individuals and families in need. The case manager will conduct a Family Strengths and Needs assessment that will help inform needs and assist with building on strengths identified. assistance could include referrals, assistance with completing applications for additional services, accompanying clients to appointments, advocacy, organizational help, and socialization activities.