93 Centre LLC, an affiliate of Concord Square Planning & Development, acquired the Anglim Building located at 93 Center Street in Downtown Brockton on December 6, 2018. 93 Centre LLC is pursuing the historic rehabilitation and redevelopment of the building into primarily market rate rental apartments with first floor commercial space. Construction is anticipated to begin later in 2019 and is expected to be completed 12 to 18 months later.

The building will be redeveloped into 55 rental apartments and 1,500 sf of first floor commercial space. Additional first floor space, along Centre Street, will be used for the leasing office and a tenant lounge. As required by the City’s Chapter 40R zoning, 20% of the apartments must be affordable to people earning up to 80% of the local area median income. This results in 44 market rate units and 11 affordable units

There will be 20 two-bedroom units (4 affordable), 24 one-bedroom units (5 affordable), and 11 studios (2 affordable) – for a total of 55 units. The studios average 573 sq. ft. each, one-bedrooms have an average size of 734 sq. ft., and the two-bedrooms average 921 sq. ft. each. The building’s height and oversize historic windows will complement the large unit size with abundant natural light during the day and unparalleled views of the surrounding area.

In the basement there will be a lounge and gathering area for tenants, including a kitchen, a separate movie/TV room and a rest room. there will also be an extensive exercise room and equipment adjacent to the lounge. These rooms all have the benefit of natural light from windows to the exterior. tenant storage facilities will also be provided.

A new surface parking lot in the rear of the building will provide 18 parking spaces, of which two will be ADA accessible. The aim is to provide one parking space for every housing unit and an additional five spaces for commercial tenants and staff. Currently the Brockton Parking Authority leases the roughly 20 spaces along W. Railroad Ave and a number of other spaces in the public lot located between Church and Lincoln Streets to W.B. Mason. To the extent that W.B. Mason agrees to relocate their W. Railroad Ave spaces to the new Enterprise Block Garage, the spaces on W. Railroad Ave will be potentially available for use by the tenants at 93 Centre Street.

Assuming the agreement of W.B. Mason, 93 Centre LLC proposes to enter into a long term, 30-year lease with the Parking Authority for the right to utilize approximately 20 spaces along W. Railroad Ave and an additional 22 spaces in the Church/Lincoln Street lot. 93 Centre LLC will ensure that the 22 spaces in the Church/Lincoln Street lot will be provided only to residents that commute to work by car on a daily basis. they will therefore typically not be taking up spaces in the lot during normal working hours, Monday through Friday. This will provide for the efficient use of the lot during both day and night and will allow for as many as possible day-time spots to remain available to City residents and visitors to the downtown area.