The two (2) parcels of land with the buildings and improvements thereon situated in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts containing approximately 13,460 square feet of land, more or less, and being known as and numbered 47 West Elm Street, Brockton, Massachusetts was sold from the Brockton Redevelopment Authority to 47 West Elm Street LLC, in the amount of $200,000.

47 West Elm Street LLC’s proposal consist of the construction of a new, five story, residential development and accessory parking – described in a proposal submitted by Buyer to Seller in response to Seller’s disposition process. This development is in accordance with 760 CMR 12.05, §2 and the City of Brockton’s Downtown Revitalization Plan approved by the Brockton Redevelopment Authority’s Board of Directors and voted by Brockton City Council.

Brockton Redevelopment Authority has been working very closely with Mr. Anatole to assist in a housing development that would be appropriate within the downtown revitalization district. The current land has been idle for nearly a decade, and Mr. Anatole has designed a development that aligns with the City of Brockton’s current, and long-term re-development strategy for the downtown area.

Development of this vacant property will enhance what has become an eyesore and provide positive pedestrian traffic in our downtown.  Mr. Anatole’s 100% market rate housing is a critical piece to our downtown Brockton strategy. This development will also encourage and promote additional investment in Brockton’s downtown.